Happy first birthday Louis!!!


Loves a bit of pointing!

I’m writing this a week late as my little darlingboth fell ill over the past week so there has been lots of tears, cuddles and calpol at home!

So I think the last year has possibly been the quickest one yet! We welcomed our baby boy into our family and our lives have changed in so many ways. We had an adjustment period of having a new wee person to look after, we moved house and I started my business! I won’t pretend it’s all been plain-sailing as there have been moments when I’ve thought I was going mad at times but I can say whole-heartedly that it’s worth every sleepless night, every stress and moment of thinking I can’t keep up with everything. Having a second child in the house somehow felt like having an extra 10 people! It’s a mad house at times but a fun, loving house too!

Louis’s birthday got me in a reflective mood. I didn’t keep too well throughout my pregnancy, I suffered morning sickness until around 18 weeks and then had pelvic grindle pain which made it quite difficult to walk. That coupled with having a 1 year old to look after left me feeling absolutely exhausted. The turning point for me was when I signed up to do my hypnobirthing training. I was approaching 30 weeks when I started it and I had the light-bulb moment that this was going to make such a difference to my birth experience coupled with knowing that I was finally on the right career path too. Lucky me! It’s been the best decision I could have made as it’s helped develop a really positive mindset and I’m so excited to be working with other expectant parents to help them have a positive experience too.

My beautiful boy arrived shortly after I completed my training weighing 5lb 5oz at 9.06am on the 5th of November – an easy date to remember, remember! My previous blog post talks about his birth story so I won’t go into it here but you can have a read by clicking here.

I had a stay in hospital of 3 nights after his birth as he was a little slow to feed, and then also had jaundice so he had to go on the sunbed for a night and day. That part was difficult as he needed to stay under the lights as much as possible and he just wanted cuddles with mummy, plus feeding was tricky to establish as he was sleepy so not feeding much from me. I had my hormonal, tearful moment the following morning when I just wanted to hold him and be at home with him, Penny and Jim, and I sobbed to the midwife! A chat, hug and a cup of tea later and I felt much better. When we got the results back that his bilirubin levels were fine and we could go home I was delighted! It was late at night when we got the result so we stayed one final night and I was up and packed by 6am to go home. I felt like a dog impatiently waiting for it’s owner to come home as I waited for Jim and Penny to pick us up! I’m so grateful that we were only in for a few days and my boy was healthy, I can only imagine the pain of watching your child being ill and the impact it has on the family.


Louis getting phototherapy

And so, we adjusted to our new lives as a family of 4. It was back to sleepless nights, frequent feeding and nappy changes and watching every move of the new baby. There’s 19 months between Penny and Louis so it hasn’t been easy all the time as I’m in demand from both of them A LOT! At times it does get a bit overwhelming and my breathing techniques tend to come in handy! Penny is amazing with her brother, she still calls him baba – I’ll be sad when that stops so I think I’ll try to keep it going! She cuddles him, plays with him and does a baby voice with him which is adorable. My favourites are: “What’s the matter baba?”, “Are you ok?” and “Aww baba!”. When I see the way they interact with each other it melts my heart. He adores her too, he finds her hilarious and they love holding hands. Plus she sneaks him food so he’s sold on that alone! Of course, they’re brother and sister so there’s lots of sibling rivalry and toy snatching too! Louis’s scuttle bug birthday present as been nabbed by Penny on many an occasion!

The past year has been amazing watching them grow together. They shared a room for a couple of months until we moved. It was the sweetest thing hearing them laugh together but also quite torturous when they would wake each other up! I have to say I’m enjoying more peaceful nights now that they each have a room.

The early days of having Louis were a big change for all of us. He had reflux for his first few months, I didn’t experience this with Penny and any of you who have, know what it’s like to have an upset baby on your hands. Unfortunately there wasn’t much that helped him despite trying various medications. He was sick after every feed, and quite unsettled at times with it. He was breastfed and I just kept going with it and kept him upright afterwards. I found giving him a dummy helped a wee bit too. Thankfully, once he started weaning, it resolved and it’s now only the occasion mouthful of Weetabix that finds it’s way onto my clothes! Talking of weaning – wow does that boy LOVE his food! He may be wee but he has a massive appetite! Good for him! It’s mostly been baby-led weaning as he doesn’t like me trying to feed him. I’m not fast enough and it’s the end of the world when I finish if I do it for him! The drama! He’s also incredibly lean and muscular! Our wee beefcake!

And so we reached that one year milestone and I realised how much he and we have changed. He’s a happy, bubbly boy who does the most amazing commando crawl across the floor! It’s such fun to watch! He can crawl but he much prefers to fly across the floor. He’s so close to taking his first steps, I’m going to have to be ready for that one as he shows signs of being a wee rascal already! He says “bye” and waves at the door when he leaves the house, claps along to music and has a great sense of rhythm, as does his sister. His daddy was a professional musician and his grandad and uncle play too so music is clearly in the blood of our children! His favourite things are shoes, the telly remote, a cat draft-excluder and the cats too! He loves cuddles and is a great communicator at letting us know when things aren’t quite right for him. He’s quite dinky in size but has a tremendous volume on him!

So happy 1st birthday Louis!!! Thank you for being you and we can’t wait to watch as you grow into an amazing person!

Here’s some highlights from our first year with Louis.

Breastfeeding support: https://www.laleche.org.uk/


NCT https://www.nct.org.uk/ is a fab resource for any issues during pregnancy and for the first two years.

For support during pregnancy http://www.aims.org.uk/ is a great resource to help you make informed choices.

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