Ch-ch-changes…turn and face the strange! (that’s me!)

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

I’ve spend the last few weeks working out logistics in my head of where I want my business to go. Being a mum of two, I am a logistics expert so this should be a breeze!

The business recently celebrated it’s first birthday. I’m delighted with how far it has come I feel it needs pushed to the next level. Finding a suitable venue to hold all my classes from has been a challenge. Hypnobirthing workshops run over two days and I ideally wanted a place I could base myself from. And so I’m very excited that as from August, I’ll be running all of my classes from Zensory on Falkirk High Street.

As well as continuing to offer hypnobirthing and relaxation in pregnancy, I’ve added a new one-off class called The Positive Birth Workshop. It’s important to me to offer a variety of classes to suit different women. I understand that isn’t always possible to fit a full hypnobirthing workshop in. Whether it’s other children, work or for financial reasons, it doesn’t always work out. The Positive Birth Workshop looks to support these women and introduce them to viewing birth in a positive way. Have a look at the page for more details.

You can now book all of my classes online! I’m really glad to add this feature to the website to make it easy for you book. I have classes running up to December.

Check out all my classes here! Book online

Hypnotherapy – over the coming months I will be introducing hypnotherapy sessions. I’m really excited about this as I know I am going to be able to reach a lot more people by increasing the services I offer. In line with this, I am rebranding to become Hand in Hand Therapies so do keep watching for that being integrated over the coming weeks.

My why for doing all of this?

Becoming a mum has changed me profoundly. My birth experiences inspired me to want to pass on my knowledge to other women. To let them know just how freaking powerful they are, that they have choices and that they have a voice. That birth is worth preparing for and that I can teach valuable skills for life. There is something about supporting women to realise just how powerful they are. It definitely feels like a calling. And I know that that is growing all the time! Exciting stuff!

Finally, one of my goals was to collaborate with other businesses.

Enter Maria Hunter! Maria is an excellent holistic therapist based in Falkirk at Zensory therapies. We met and instantly felt that there was work we could do together. Our businesses compliment each other really well. Maria offers massage services and she has felt a energetic pull towards focusing on pregnant and postnatal women. She is also adding Reiki to her repertoire and she has other fantastic ideas for moving forward which I can’t wait to follow! We’ll also be teaming up to offer bespoke workshops and Maria has plans to host support groups too.

It always leaves me feeling excited and super motivated after I speak with Maria and I’m really grateful to be sharing her treatment room from next month.

Maria is so tuned into women’s needs and I highly recommend a visit to her. Visit her awesome website here.

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I look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks!

Kirsty x

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