About me

Mother and baby

I first became interested in hypnobirthing during my studies of hypnotherapy. I was amazed by the difference that hypnobirthing made and I am passionate about working with parents-to-be to encourage a positive birth experience. My background in paediatric nursing provided me with experience of working with families often in a supportive role. It was these experiences which encouraged me to pursue a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling Studies and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Along with my nursing background, I have worked in a supportive role with Parentline, and also as a support worker for vulnerable adults.

My daughter was born in 2015 and my son joined the family in November 2016! I realised after having my daughter how uninformed and underprepared I was regarding labour and I found it a frightening experience. I decided to train with KG Hypnobirthing as I have always promoted positive, mental and physical health for others, and also wanted to give myself the best opportunity for a positive birth experience with my second child. KG Hypnobirthing is an increasingly popular method using up-to-date evidence-based information and I am proud to have trained with a highly regarded company.

I found that the use of hypnobirthing during my second labour made it a positive experience and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with couples to empower and promote birth without fear.