What is the law of attraction?

What is the Law of attraction and how can I use it in my life?

It might be something new to you or you’re already familiar with it and implement it in your life but I wanted to give you my perspective on it to see how it can help you!

I first became aware of it in the 2000’s. I heard that Noel Edmund’s had got into this thing called cosmic ordering and he attributed it to Deal or No Deal’s success.

Basically, the idea was to get specific on what you want in life and to ask the cosmos/the universe/higher being for it. Over the years, I’ve gained a much better understanding of what it’s all about and it’s something I use myself.

It might sound a bit like wishing thinking at first glance and without taking any action on what you want, it is. BUT, it actually makes loads of sense so here’s an introduction to it which I’ve explained in my own way. As I’ve started writing this, I’m aware of just how big a subject it is so I’ll do the basics today and have ideas for future posts to go a bit deeper!


The Institute of Bioenergetics states that “Quantum physics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the Quantum Theories. Quantum physics involves the study of the realm of the very small, at the atomic and subatomic level, such as electrons, photons and quarks. Therefore, it’s operating at the below-cell level of the body.”

All living things, every single thing on the planet and all the space between and all throughout the universe, is energy. It never changes. It cannot expand or decrease. This is both positive and negative. You know that feeling when you walk into a room which feels oppressive? That’s the collective energy of all those people. you can’t see it but you can certainly feel it. That feeling when you go to a concert and everyone is excited and happy? That’s energy. We can’t see electricity but we know it’s there. We can’t see, feel, touch, hear or taste it but we see effects of it.


Everything gives off a vibration. Think of it in terms of sound. We can hear certain frequencies of vibrations but there are also vibrations which are out of our hearing range. Again, just because our senses can’t detect them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Have you ever noticed a cat look at something and you can’t see it? We all interpret the world in our own way through our own senses. Each person will interpret this differently and each species on the planet does the same. Cats are tuned into different vibrations from us humans. We need to tune into our own vibration. The language of the universe is vibrations. Our thoughts are vibrations. We need to speak to the universe in terms of vibrations. It’s how you attract what you do and don’t want. Have you noticed that when you have a bad day, things seem to go “wrong” really easily? As these vibrations can be positive or negative, the universe responds and we seem to attract bad luck or misfortune. The more we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, the more we create that as our reality. We can say what we want but if our unconscious thoughts don’t believe our wishes then it’s really hard to get what we want. Increasing your vibration and awareness will make what you ask for far more appealing as like attracts like! Look after yourself, in body, mind and spirit. Meditate, do yoga or anything which gets you into a state of relaxation, eat and drink healthily, move and sleep. Repeat positive affirmations. Sing, dance and Smile!


How do you manifest what you want in life? How does it work? It’s all about intention. There are different ways to do it but a great way to start is to get a notebook and start writing down everything you want. Get specific, really down to the fine details. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your ambition, why not! Once you’ve written down what you want, you need to have a think about how you would get it. This can be the stickler for people and they can get despondent when what they want doesn’t seem to manifest. But it’s taking some decisive action that will start to change your life. It might not happen overnight but as long as you start to take steps you’ll start to move forward. Focus in where you want to go instead of what you fear. Sometimes you’ll meet resistance. Here’s where your subconscious mind can hold you back. Us humans aren’t fans of the unknown. It’s pretty scary and we’ll often unconsciously sabotage ourselves to get back to that safe place. It’s familiar, we might hate it but we know it. We can have the fear of failure, and/or the fear of success. Our subconscious stores all of our experiences and memories. These all make up our belief system and the stories we tell ourselves. So often I hear people say what they would love to do in life and then immediately rattle off all the reasons why they can’t. They’re usually really legitimate reasons like finances, time, family commitments and not knowing how to take that first step. My advice is to write it all down and spend time focusing on what first step you could take. For example, if you want to retrain in another profession, you could sign up for a course which you could do around your current job. If that seems like to big a step, break it down. Start putting money aside to save for it, start reading into it. Just start somewhere. It might take a while but if you really want to do it, you need to start somewhere. Do this and continue to take steps and you’ll be amazed at how far you come! You might find it takes you in a different direction from what you first thought and that’s great if it does because it’s only by taking action that you can find this out. Believe in yourself and your ability and start tuning into what you want.

You want to become aware of your thoughts, you want to choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life.” – Joe Vit


Visualisation is powerful. When we vividly imagine something, our brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. Vivid visualisation envokes an emotional response. The emotional response releases hormones and we FEEL the emotion physically. This starts to up your vibration as your body and mind start to believe the same thing and this makes it much more likely that you’ll bring the imagined into your reality. It’s a technique used in hypnotherapy to get you focusing on the life you want to lead. Repetition is necessary so it’s good to get into a habit of doing this.


Gratitude is a big piece of the puzzle if we don’t feel grateful for what we have it’s really difficult to get what we want as well always be in a state of need. This isn’t always really easy, especially if our mental health is compromised in any way. We can’t feel fear or anger and happiness and gratitude at the same time so if its possible, try to implement gratitude into your daily life. It doesn’t have to be the big things, you can be grateful for anything. You can reframe many negative situations and find aspects which you can feel grateful for. Sometimes if we find that is just too difficult, we can think about acceptance instead of gratitude and that can be very powerful too.


Surround yourself with like-minded people who get your vision. We are most influenced by the 5 people we spend the most time with. The influence of others can really pull us back or catapult us forward. If that’s hard in your family, social and work circle, look into groups you can join. Either in person or online. I’m in a number of online groups and it’s amazing how you support each other and build each other up! I’m also very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing family and friends and we really support each other’s ideas and aspirations. It truly makes a difference.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Once you start looking into this, you’ll find that so many inspiring people speak about it when they describe how they have achieved their goals in life. Oprah Winfrey, Napoleon Hill, Dr Wayne Dyer, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Deepak Chopra are all names worth looking into for their ideas and stories. “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, The Abraham Hicks collection by Ester and Jerry Hicks are good starter books and there is a tone of info online about it. These ideas are as old as time. Humans were once more intuitive and looked to deep into nature for support in health and wellbeing. Western Culture and modern times have dampened that a little though it does seem that there is a resurgence for being more in tune with the natural order of the universe.

So that’s an overview of my thoughts on what it’s all about. I learn something new all the time and I find it a really interesting subject which has a lot of crossover with my life and my work. I hope it starts you on your journey or gives you another perspective on how we experience life.

K x

My Birth Story

My hypnobirthing journey began when I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby. My first labour had been a scary experience, and I felt totally unprepared when I went into labour at 41+3 weeks. I knew I wanted it to be different this time, so I completed my teacher training whilst 30 weeks pregnant and it changed how I thought about birth completely. I went from being an avid hospital birth fan, to thinking a home birth would suit our family perfectly this time. I did my research on the benefits and the risks associated to a home birth and was surprised to find out that it was actually a safe environment to have a baby in so long as mother and baby were well both before and during labour, and support was in place. I imagined being in the comfort of my home and welcoming our new arrival in peace and tranquillity. Baba, however, had other ideas!

I had an induction at 36+2 weeks due to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). I had been monitored weekly from 32 weeks with doppler scans and ultrasounds. While they never commented on there being an issue with the cord blood flow, they were concerned that baba’s weight was tailing off the bottom centile. I’ll always remember that it was on the Wednesday at my 36-week appointment that I watched in dismay as they plotted the weight on the ultrasound scan, and immediately knew that the weight was below where we wanted it to be. The consultant suggested an induction on the Thursday or Friday that week. Although I knew this was always a possibility, I had convinced myself that everything would be fine so I sat in shock that I had gone from believing that our second baby would arrive in December to suddenly realising it would be at the start of November! We hadn’t organised anything for baba’s arrival. We franticly dug out our moses basket and some tiny baby clothes, attempting to get our heads around the change of plan. I was also torn as I wondered if he was on the small side but also healthy, as my daughter Penny had been a bit wee (6lb 3oz) when she arrived through spontaneous labour. I anxiously considered whether they should consider delaying an induction longer to see if the growth would pick up. The consultant felt that baba would cope better during labour at 36 weeks rather than delaying which would make labour harder on him if he remained small. We considered the information available about IUGR and we decided that it was best to go ahead with the induction.

Although it wasn’t the circumstances we had hoped for, we managed to make it a positive experience and I truly believe that that was due to using hypnobirthing. We spent our last morning with Penny taking her to the park and she chatted about baba as she pointed to my belly. She happily went off to her grandparents on the Thursday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day getting ready for hospital. It was a mixture of anxiety, excitement and disbelief knowing that our baby was going to be born the next day. We felt so emotional being away from our little girl too.

I had made a detailed birth plan for a home birth which I then had to adapt for a hospital birth. I had wanted to use the birthing pool however it was the hospital policy not to use the pool at 36 weeks due to monitoring the baby. So, no pool for me. I was disappointed but accepted that it wasn’t meant to be. We rocked up at 8am on Friday morning and were shown to our room. I’ll admit it didn’t fill me with joy as it was the opposite of what I had imagined but here we were and it was up to us to make it work for us. We went in armed with fake candles, my KG CD, affirmations, scripts to read and loads of food and entertainment. We hoped that it might be a quick labour and envisaged that we could be home complete with baba to watch the new series of Still Game that evening!! It quickly became obvious that this baby was in no hurry to come out to play!

My first internal examination was carried out… I wasn’t looking forward to this. I can’t imagine anyone jumps with joy at the prospect! I had hoped to avoid examinations so we discussed that they would only do them if necessary. The consultant had hoped to rupture the amniotic membrane to encourage labour but I was given gel to soften the cervix as there were no signs of it being ready. Skip forward 6 hours and numerous trips to the on-site café and all was quiet other than the odd gentle surge. The membranes were ruptured at this point…all remained relatively quiet. I tried using the birthing ball to get into a good upright position but my surges felt more powerful when I was semi-reclined on the bed. I was surprised at this but I went with what felt right for my body. I listened to the CD with Katherine’s voice many times over the day which felt familiar and comforting as we had listened to it every night for the past 6 weeks as we went to sleep. I focused on my “up” breathing and used visualisations to go with this whenever I felt a surge. I saw birds flying into the sky and the upward feeling of this worked for me! It felt manageable and I didn’t need any further pain relief. This contrasted with my previous labour as I had found the surges unmanageable quite quickly. I had panicked and didn’t know how to handle the sensation. Having a good understanding of what my body was doing made all the difference to psyche. I felt that oxytocin flow!

We watched Anchorman 2 to pass the time. (NB. I do not recommend a Will Ferrell comedy while midwives are coming in and out of the room! His use of language can be pretty embarrassing as I’m sure you can imagine if you have watched any of his films!!) We listened to a lot of 90’s radio. I felt really chilled listening to it. My favourite moment was breathing through a surge while “Creep” by Radiohead was playing and having a laugh with the midwife about our music choice. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how the Stranges do hypnobirthing!


Labour continued to progress very slowly and concerns were growing for baba’s ability to cope, so the syntocinon drip was introduced. Another intervention I had hoped to avoid. I entertained some gas and air during examinations as I found them particularly uncomfortable (although I did quite enjoy that drunk feeling accompanied by the giggles). However, I found that I managed the surges much better without it even when they were incredibly powerful when the hormone dosage was increased to its maximum. I continued throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning, yet still baba Strange held off from gracing us with his presence.

A further examination at 8am showed that my cervix was 3cm dilated and the monitoring of baba indicated that he was becoming distressed which led to me being prepped for a caesarean section. The surges were almost continuous by this point and I suddenly felt the strong urge to push which I could not stop. I got pretty vocal at this point and I won’t go into my other bodily functions! In the short space of time from consenting to a caesarean to being introduced to around 40 members of staff (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, it was right in the middle of the staff changeover but I was introduced to a lot of staff) and being given an epidural, the cervix was fully dilated. We were offered the chance to go back to the delivery ward to deliver without further assistance. We felt baba had had enough, we were both exhausted and didn’t want to risk him becoming distressed again and so he was delivered with “gentle forceps”. I use this term as the obstetrician said it was a “beautiful, gentle forceps delivery”. Everything was so clear this time, I felt in control and able to discuss my options with the obstetricians, I met so many faces in theatre and could talk clearly. I apologise to the nurse whose hand I crushed during a surge!

We had not known the sex of baba and it was a beautiful moment when little Louis was lifted up to greet us. We finally met our boy at 9.06am on the 5th of November 2016 weighing in at 5lb 5oz. A small boy but what he lacked in size he made up for in volume! A quiet boy he is not! We spent the rest of the day getting to know him and it was an unforgettable moment when he met his big sister that afternoon. She cuddled and kissed her “baba“ and has adored him ever since. He is a lucky boy having her to look out for him.

I am so grateful to have learned about hypnobirthing and experienced it during labour. I am certain that it made a huge difference to my state of mind and I managed the surges so effectively with the breathing techniques. Our society can be so negative towards labour, we hear that it will be frightening experience, it will hurt and it will be rather traumatic in some way. I have heard many negative birth stories (my own first experience included), that we have no control over our decisions and I hear the phrase “they don’t let you” a lot. I have been introduced to a world where it is a positive beautiful experience, women are educated about how to use the mind effectively in labour and to take control of their body. Using and adapting hypnobirthing to suit your own circumstances is empowering. We need more positivity in this world and I feel lucky to be a part of passing that knowledge onto other parents.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the midwifery team at NHS Forth Valley who I met both throughout my pregnancy and during labour. Thank you for always listening, taking the time to chat to me and helping me feel safe when I was at my most vulnerable. You guys are amazing. Also thank you to the obstetric team and theatre staff, I appreciated all you did for us.
Finally thank you to my rock Jim. You kept me sane, you came to endless antenatal appointments with me and you supported me all the way. You gave me encouragement when I introduced you to hypnobirthing and I am so glad that it helped you too as I know how worried you were first time round. We went into it this time with our eyes opened. Life now has never been busier, I’m knackered ALL the time but can’t think of a better reason to be than seeing our babies develop and grow into awesome wee people every day.

Your Body, Your Baby…


Your Body, Your Baby: an event created by a group of like-minded, small local businesses, passionate about informing parents-to-be about holistic approaches that empower them to achieve the positive pregnancy and birth experience that they want and deserve. Our collective ethos is to provide a powerful opportunity to support women in moving towards living the life they want to lead through exploring various alternative approaches.

Join Doula-La, Hand in Hand Therapies, Lime Thistle and Zensory Therapies on Sunday 7th October from 12-4pm at Zensory’s studio in Falkirk (167 High Street, FK1 1DU) to chat in an informal & relaxed environment about the various therapies and services available to you and the deep internal and external benefits they could have in your life.

Throughout the event, each business will showcase how they can help to guide and nurture you through your own unique journey.

12.45-1.05 – Doula-La on supporting women and their families during pregnancy and birth, by providing
women with information and care, tailored to their own circumstances, empowering them to achieve the type of birth they want and deserve.

1.30-1.50 Hand in Hand Therapies on Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing classes to promote positive change, as these therapies can help to release negative emotions, beliefs and fears, and enable you to live the life you want to lead.

2.15-2.35 Lime Thistle on relaxing and unwinding your body and mind, allowing you to rediscover that place of calm that you’d forgotten existed within you

3-3.35 Zensory Therapies on harnessing your own energy to raise your vibration through enabling you to tap into the tools that already exist inside of you, allowing you and your partner to have the most positive and empowering pregnancy and birth experience.

This event is not ticketed. You can come & go as you please or just join for certain sections or talks. A first come first serve approach will be used if it’s needed.

We are absolutely delighted to be bringing this event to you. The support and encouragement we receive from new and existing clients is quite simply, breathtaking. We can’t wait to meet you.

If you’ve any questions, here’s the link to our websites for contact information, or give us a shout on Facebook.

Sending you positive vibes, Your Body Your Baby Team ✨





Seeking 20 women for hypnotherapy!

Hello! I’m Kirsty, the owner of Hand in Hand Therapies. As many of you know, I provide positive birthing classes which include hypnobirthing and relaxation in pregnancy. Along with this, I’m currently involved in the development of a bigger project… It’s exciting and as I move forward with this I’m expanding the services I offer, which includes hypnotherapy.

As part of this ongoing development, I’m looking for 20 women who would like support with the following issues:

Birth trauma/difficult birth experience

Some of the techniques I’ll be utilising will include regression under hypnosis, rewind technique and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The session will be tailored to your individual needs.

This will involve 1 or more sessions and will be at a greatly reduced cost of £25 from my usual fee of £65. I’ll be looking to get honest feedback and we’ll have a follow-up chat. Further sessions will be offered depending on the issues which arise.

Sessions will take place at my therapy room which is on Falkirk High Street and will last 1-2 hours.

A bit about me:

I have a background in paediatric nursing and housing support. I’m qualified in hypnobirthing and hold a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills.

I’m a mum of two and I trained to become a hypnobirthing teacher following the birth of my eldest child. It made the world of difference to my second birth experience and I’ve now been working with hypnobirthing clients for over a year. I’m so passionate about making a positive difference to mums as it has been life-changing for me.

It’s become clear to me that there is a lack of available services aimed at dealing with the impact of birth and motherhood. So often women feel alone as support is either unavailable, limited or there are long waiting lists.

I’m now focusing on this area by bringing hypnotherapy to the business. It’s a fantastic therapy which can make a huge difference to our mindset by assisting us to change the negative beliefs about ourselves at a subconscious level.

“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind.” – New York Times

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact me to arrange a free consultation.

Exciting News! Hypnotherapy has landed at Hand in Hand!


Exciting News! Hypnotherapy has landed at Hand in Hand!

This week I am available on Wednesday at 167 High Street, Falkirk. Contact me today to arrange a free phonecall consultation.

Are you ready to take that first positive step? Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool which supports you in making the changes you desire. ❤️❤️

Hypnotherapy can be effective with a variety of different issues. It works by “tuning” into the subconscious. Our subconscious is where we store our memory bank of everything we have experienced in life. We can’t always consciously recall life events, so our brain stores them neatly away in it’s own library. Our experiences shape our emotions, our behaviour and our beliefs. This can lead to us developing behaviours which don’t serve us in day-to-day life. Whether it’s confidence, a phobia, stress, eating difficulties or a number of other issues, hypnotherapy can be an extremely effective way of releasing the underlying blocks which are causing them.

If you are experiencing an issue which you feel would benefit from hypnotherapy, contact me today to arrange a free phonecall consultation.

Any bookings taken over the month of August will receive an introductory offer of a 10% discount.


Ch-ch-changes…turn and face the strange! (that’s me!)

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

I’ve spend the last few weeks working out logistics in my head of where I want my business to go. Being a mum of two, I am a logistics expert so this should be a breeze!

The business recently celebrated it’s first birthday. I’m delighted with how far it has come I feel it needs pushed to the next level. Finding a suitable venue to hold all my classes from has been a challenge. Hypnobirthing workshops run over two days and I ideally wanted a place I could base myself from. And so I’m very excited that as from August, I’ll be running all of my classes from Zensory on Falkirk High Street.

As well as continuing to offer hypnobirthing and relaxation in pregnancy, I’ve added a new one-off class called The Positive Birth Workshop. It’s important to me to offer a variety of classes to suit different women. I understand that isn’t always possible to fit a full hypnobirthing workshop in. Whether it’s other children, work or for financial reasons, it doesn’t always work out. The Positive Birth Workshop looks to support these women and introduce them to viewing birth in a positive way. Have a look at the page for more details.

You can now book all of my classes online! I’m really glad to add this feature to the website to make it easy for you book. I have classes running up to December.

Check out all my classes here! Book online

Hypnotherapy – over the coming months I will be introducing hypnotherapy sessions. I’m really excited about this as I know I am going to be able to reach a lot more people by increasing the services I offer. In line with this, I am rebranding to become Hand in Hand Therapies so do keep watching for that being integrated over the coming weeks.

My why for doing all of this?

Becoming a mum has changed me profoundly. My birth experiences inspired me to want to pass on my knowledge to other women. To let them know just how freaking powerful they are, that they have choices and that they have a voice. That birth is worth preparing for and that I can teach valuable skills for life. There is something about supporting women to realise just how powerful they are. It definitely feels like a calling. And I know that that is growing all the time! Exciting stuff!

Finally, one of my goals was to collaborate with other businesses.

Enter Maria Hunter! Maria is an excellent holistic therapist based in Falkirk at Zensory therapies. We met and instantly felt that there was work we could do together. Our businesses compliment each other really well. Maria offers massage services and she has felt a energetic pull towards focusing on pregnant and postnatal women. She is also adding Reiki to her repertoire and she has other fantastic ideas for moving forward which I can’t wait to follow! We’ll also be teaming up to offer bespoke workshops and Maria has plans to host support groups too.

It always leaves me feeling excited and super motivated after I speak with Maria and I’m really grateful to be sharing her treatment room from next month.

Maria is so tuned into women’s needs and I highly recommend a visit to her. Visit her awesome website here. www.zensorytherapies.co.uk

If you want to find out what’s coming up do subscribe to our mailing list.

I look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks!

Kirsty x

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