What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

You’ll meet me at my therapy room and we’ll chat through whatever issue you have come for support with. One I have a good idea of what changes you want to make, you’ll then relax into hypnosis and I can work my magic by utilising a variety of techniques depending on what I think will benefit you most. The goal is to release the emotions and beliefs which don’t serve you and to help you think in a new positive way.

At what stage of my pregnancy should I do an antenatal class?

You can take the hypnobirthing course any time throughout your pregnancy, though I recommend the ideal time is between 20-30 weeks. Doing the course during the second trimester gives you plenty of time to complete the course, develop your affirmations and consolidate your knowledge, allowing you to look forward to welcoming your baby.

My other courses are suitable for any stage of pregnancy.

Can I use hypnobirthing in any birthing scenario?

Absolutely! All types of induction of labour are covered in the course so whether labour begins spontaneously, by induction or by elective caesarean, you can feel confident that hypnobirthing can assist you throughout by tailoring and adapting it to suit your needs. We never know how each labour will progress so be assured that hypnobirthing will also be beneficial if events do occur throughout labour which result in medical intervention being required. Whether it’s an emergency C-section, ventouse or forceps which is necessary, It’s particularly useful in this situation as it helps you to remain calm and focused.

Where do you hold your sessions?

I run my therapy sessions and workshops from my therapy room at 167 High Street in Falkirk, FK1 1DU. These are either in the evening or at the weekend. The room is nestled away and has a calm relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for my therapy sessions and classes.

How much do your services cost?


£70 per session


The hypnobirthing workshop is £195 for group sessions and £295 for one-to-one sessions. I kindly request that full payment is made prior to the first session and can accept instalments. You will receive a Hypnobirthing Book and the relaxation  MP3 and will be given handouts which contain the key information we cover, and your practice material.

Anxiety Release Workshop for Parents:

A one-off workshop for £30.