Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics

Hand in Hand Hypnobirthing are delighted to introduce Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics range to you!

I’ve always been a strong supporter of ethical businesses. When I was a child, I remember sitting in the bathroom, with my parents telephone and the door locked. I would get out all of our shampoos, shower gels and any other products we had and look up the customer helpline. Then I’d phone them up to see if they tested their products on animals. This was pre-internet so there was no Google to look up! Even now, it can be difficult to find out and with so many companies being part of a chain, us as consumers appreciate clear, easy to find honest info about the products we use.

This is why I’ve decided to offer NYR Organics to my clients as an independent consultant. I understand how important it is to ensure that your family use safe, ethical products. NYRO don’t use any nasties, are organic, and never test on animals.

So whether you want to treat yourself and your family to the range available, or fancy organising a pampering party or baby shower, you can buy with confidence directly from me!

I can offer a special experience to give your hostess /mamma-to-be, a mini facial, and also bring my hypnobirthing expertise with me too! I’ll be offering a range of my mindset exercises to the party to so you can guarantee that everyone will leave feeling chilled out and relaxed!

Contact me today to arrange your booking.

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