Pregnancy Relaxation


What are the benefits of coming to a pregnancy relaxation class?

We all lead busy lives and it seems that now more than ever, we are expected to carry on throughout pregnancy as normal. Of course, pregnancy is not an illness and is an exciting time, your body is doing an amazing job growing a little person which is a huge amount of work! Although we can’t see what’s going on, the body is busy protecting and nurturing your baby which is a 24 hour job! Phew! Isn’t it fantastic!

The use of relaxation has many benefits to both mum and baby. Pregnancy is a special time of your lives together and I want to help you celebrate this by encouraging you to relax in a safe environment.

Deep relaxation is great for helping you reduce stresses and anxieties, it regulates heart rate in mum and baby, it promotes positive thinking with the use of visual imagery and connects you with your baby.

I remember during my second pregnancy that I was so focused on my daughter that it sometimes took a moment to consider that I had a new person growing inside me!

My relaxation classes aim to provide you and your baby with the time you both deserve to bond together. Each week includes discussion surrounding pregnancy in an environment where you can discuss any stresses or anxieties you may have. Following on with a deep relaxation session using imagery to help release these and leave you feeling wonderfully chilled and relaxed.

I have also put together a pregnancy pamper gift bag as I want you to go home with little extras which are a great addition to use for relaxation. I want you to feel special as it is what you deserve!


Dates for next block: TBC

Venue: The Leaf and Bean Café, 12-14 Comiston Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5QE 


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