Anxiety Release Workshop for Parents

Anxiety Release Workshops for Parents

We all want to do our best for our kids. So many of us fear that our “problems” or “issues” will affect our children as they grow up. Perhaps you experienced this in your own childhood or maybe it fills you with anxiety when you hear about how influenced children are in later life by their environment in their early years.
This workshop will provide the opportunity to explore your anxieties and help you make the changes you desire to break away from old thought patterns.
As a qualified Hypnotherapist and mum of two, you’ll be guided towards a more positive life for you and your family.

Dates available soon for 2019

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Anxiety Release Workshop

When we feel anxious, we fear and worry about things which haven’t happened yet. Some of these things will come to pass while others are in our mind. Anxiety can really stop us from living our lives the way we really want to.

This workshop provides a safe space to share, and practical exercises to explore ways of releasing the emotions, beliefs and thoughts which are holding you back. It will help you to manage situations more effectively showing you ways to reframe your old thoughts.

Dates available soon for 2019